Panzar tank

A Tank with high-level gear.

The Tank is an Orc class that wields a sword and shield. Big amount of health, up to 95% block value makes Tank the best survivability character in game.


First Tier of Abilities
Block master
Block Master
~ When deflecting damage via block: restores energy: 10 per hit(1st Rank)
Magical shield
Magical Shield
~ The Tank Surrounds himself with a magical shield that blocks all ranged and magical attacks. characters covered by the shield can attack through it.
Satchel charge
Kern Mastery
~ The Tank's ranged weapon of choice is the kern. when it comes into contact with any surface, the shot explodes, kocking nearby enemies back and causing damage.
Battle Rage
~ The Tank begins to bang his shield rhythmically with his sword, gradually entering a battle trance. His strength increases with each blow.

Adds: physical strength +5% for 20 seconds. Maximum number of buffs is 5

Olso lowers block rate by 5% for each buff

Consumes 2 task points

Sword mastery

Sword Mastery

Sword Mastery
~ Allows you to wield one-handed swords.

Unique AttributesEdit

Base StatsEdit

Base Stats basically means the stats this character has with no upgrades or gear (besides the default starting gear)

Mastery Health Mana Energy
1000 2971 100 500
Crit Hit Chance Attack Speed Movement speed Block Crit hit Health Regen Mana Regen Energy Regen
5% 100% 330 90% 200% 0 3 9


Tank Swords

Tank Armour


The members of this ancient Orc clan are called Tanks. Their might can be compared to that of a war machine, and, thanks to their heavy armour, they resemble mobile fortresses. A wall of these mighty warriors is capable of stopping even the fiercest attack. Unlike Berserkers, Tanks rely more on defence and tactics than on brute force and swiftness. Tanks skilfully wield massive shields that allow them to absorb a great deal of incoming damage. Their advanced mastery allows Tanks to additionally use their shields as weapons. Just like Berserkers, Tanks worship Zar, the God of War, who endows them with unique magical powers. Tanks can produce a magical shield in battle that will protect their allies from ranged attacks, enabling them to occupy the most advantageous positions on the battlefield. (From Official Panzar Site )