The Sister of Fire is a female elf class that wields staves to defend itself and cast her fire destruction magic.

Unique AttributesEdit

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The abilities of the Sister of Fire are, first and foremost her "Fireball" skill which deals moderate damage in a small area of effect at nice range. (Normal projectile range) In Panzar your shots will not go straight through friendly units, therefore try to make sure to get a good angle on the enemy and try to make sure you hit your Fireball spell since your mana pool is quite limited.

Base StatsEdit



The Elves are the eldest race born of Chaos. Under the auspices of Argus the Elementalist, they have become masters of the energy of Chaos. According to tradition, only female Elves can master the mysteries of battle magic. Even then, only the most talented elven females are selected for training, after which they devote their lives to the service of their chosen House. Over the centuries, the Elven magic has become divided into two powerful and influential Houses.

The House of Fire raises Sisters of Fire who become masters of destruction magic. Once initiated, Sisters of Fire develop incredible offensive powers and specialize in area-of-attack spells. By setting the ground ablaze, Sisters of Fire can force even the staunchest warriors to retreat.

Due to their delicate constitution, Sisters of Fire cannot wear heavy armour, and their effectiveness in combat relies heavily on their ability to remain just out of reach of the enemy.