Sappers are a male dwarf class that wield mauls as weapons and tools for building structures.

Unique AttributesEdit

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Sapper Altar

Full Altar of Sapper


Base StatsEdit



Dwarves have spent centuries honing the art and science of engineering. They have split over the years into two separate engineering schools: Technicians and Sappers. Sappers specialize in sabotaging enemy camps. Since they are small and nimble, they can easily sneak behind enemy lines to make life more difficult for their foes. Sappers also set up teleporters allowing their allies to move instantly to key points, and deploy a broad arsenal of mines to easily secure conquered territory against enemy attack. To craft their ingenious devices, Sappers employ large two-handed hammers that can also be used in melee combat. Since time immemorial, the Dwarves have been under the protection of Kromm, the God of Knowledge. It was Kromm who endowed them with their remarkable technical skills, allowing Dwarves to compensate for their lack of size and strength with their miraculous war machines. Under the heavy vaults of stone labyrinths, their work is in full swing. Ore is converted into steel, steel into weapons and vehicles.  The most skilful Sappers are capable of drawing upon Kromm’s energy by erecting special totems on the battlefield. It is this ability that has made it possible for the Dwarves to leave their underground shelters and face the enemy with the support of divine might. (From Official Panzar site)