Panzar paladin

The Paladin is a male human class that uses a scepter to heal allies and defend himself.

Unique AttributesEdit

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Base StatsEdit



Since ancient times, humanity has been renowned for its combat healers. The strongest and bravest soldiers become adepts of the Order of Paladins, where they are initiated into the mysteries of life and death. The doctrine of the Order is based upon faith in the goddess Chimaera – the symbol of evolution and living organic development.
Paladins are masters of life magic. They use it to heal their wounded allies and remove curses. Experienced Paladins can resurrect fallen warriors - as long as their souls remain within their bodies, that is. Paladins use magical powders based on ancient herbal recipes to support themselves and their allies in battle. Their powders spread auras that enhance their allies’ physical and spiritual capabilities.
Paladins are unrivalled healers, and, thanks to rigorous physical training, deadly melee fighters. Since they represent the source of their team’s vitality, Paladins stay close to the front lines, ready to support their teammates with a life-giving prayer or a life-taking sceptre.