The Gunner is a male dwarf class that wield hammers to attack enemies and to build their structures. Gunners role is defence.

Unique AttributesEdit


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Base StatsEdit

Damage: Low

Attack Speed: Fast

Movement Speed: Slow

Health: Medium

Difficulty: Difficult



After Kromm, the God of Knowledge, gave Dwarves their exceptional intellectual capacities, they started to gradually make their way to the surface. Dwarves have become masters of combat engineering, and while they do not possess the magical talents of Elves or the exceptional physical might of the Orcs, their technical prowess make them a formidable force on the battlefield.Gunners can make weapons and traps that are indispensable for defending strategic key points, and use their rapid-firing cannons to give their team a significant tactical advantage by barraging a point of contest or by providing cover fire.