Panzar berserker

A sprinting Berserker.

The Berserker is an Orc class that wields a giant club. They are able to bring any enemy to the ground with their powerful attack and execute them afterwards.

The main objective of this class is taking the points and removing enemies from them.

Don't forget to block their swings as an accurate swing results in a painful death.

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Berserkers are the fiercest of the Orcs. Zar, the God of War, has blessed them with phenomenal strength and endurance. Utterly fearless, they are natural born fighters.

Due to their physical prowess, Berserkers are the main strike force of any army. Wielding two-handed clubs with ease, they can pave the way for their teammates. The large damage radius of their clubs allows Berserkers to attack multiple targets with a single sweep, which makes them particularly effective in the heart of the battle.

However, while Berserkers deal an incredible amount of damage, they also receive vasts amount of damage due to constantly being in close combat. As such, they have to rely on battle healers and their ability to enter a pain numbing trance.

Playing as a Berserker :Edit

Attack speed is vital. More attack speed means faster swings and also faster blocks ! That class relies on your ability to block and strike at the right time since Berserker is a high-damage melee bruiser with a very slow attack speed. Also remember that your ranged abilities are almost inexistant (only 1 ranged talent) so you'll have to get as close as you can as fast as you can.

To achieve this, Berserkers have talents based on mobility such as the "Leap" or "Spurt" which forces you to estimate when and where you'll be able to deal the maximum amount of damage instead of rushing blindly in the figths.For example, leaping over tanks to get the spell casters or cliffs to destroy ennemy turrets etc....

Keep in mind that your attacks are very slow but extremely powerful. Timing is what is going to grant you a huge advantage over foes. 

Playing vs a Berserker : Edit

The key of playing vs a Berserker is blocking their attacks. You're safe as long as you're standing up and facing the Berseon't rely too much on your guard, since their "Crushing slow"

will completely tear part. Try to stay as far as you can from those orks but if fate makes you face a Berserker, oon as they swing their clubs..